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The process of creation of the fashion accessories signed Illogico starts from the minds of two young designers to arrive in the hands of expert craftsmens who give life, by carefully working the fabrics, to a products entirely artisanal and original, 100% Made in Italy. The main purpose of the two cousins is to create a fashion accessory able to create, for whoever is wearing it, an irreverent and colorful contrast with the classicity of the smoking and the typical elegant clothes. The unicity of the papillon Illogico appears especially from the original characteristic of the "double face", thanks to which the papillon can be bound from both sides, in base of the preferences.

The concept of a style original and unconventional, always based on the concept ofcraftsmanship, , is not extended only to papillon but as well on all the collections available on, from the  whimsical t-shirts for men , where gaudy and colourful drawings are opposed to figures of classic history, to the Pocket Square realized in retrò style with eccentric and sparked pattern, until the swimwear in shorts, available in a wide selection of different colors and themes, to not risk to be not noticed even on the beach.

The artisanal touch of our products is reflected in the selection of the fabrics, all of the highest qualityresulting from the predisposition to deliver the excellence for a product which has the mission to represent that Italian style that is always a synonym of class and superior elegance..

If you recognise and identify yourself in the style ideals of Illogico, or you are simply looking for  artisanal and original fashion accessories, Made in Italyand with the finest fabrics, discover our collections and buy your favourite products. You can count on safe payments and fast shipping directly to your home!