About Us

ILLOGICO: Not only a brand but a style of life

Illogico was born almost as a game from two cousins, Corrado e Giulio, in 2016 with the idea to revolutionize the fashion accessories for men, following the elegance and the quality of the Made in Italy.

“Our source of inspiration is born thanks to the finding of an abandoned trunk in the attic, belonging to our grandfather. Inside we found several different types of fashion accessories, from ties to papillon and we decided to reproduce them in the most elegant and unique style. The fabrics of our accessories are selected carefully to make the final product different and incomparable.”


Our Mission

For us Illogicos, any accessory tells its own story, the one of the person who wears it: but it even tells our story, the story of two guys connected to their territory, to the people of the place, and to the traditions of the past.

Illogico wants to create the new, getting inspired by the classic: our products are entirely realized by the hands of expert artisans, reflecting the colors, the passions and the traditions of our beloved land. We support craftsmen and local professionals relying on their competence and expertise. We want to work in our land for our land: for this reason we only use fabrics realized and packaged in Italy for the creation of our accessories.

In addition, we try to involve realities young and dynamic, to make them grow with us: our models, co-workers and consultants are people with determination, attitude and creativity.

When you receive an accessory Illogico, we want you to discern the passion, the dedication and the care we commit in our day by day job, to offer you always something unique, precious and different: something Illogical!

The Illogico Revolution

The accessories cult of the men's fashion of all the times makes up a comeback in a modern way.

The revolutionary style of the brand Illogico adds elegance to pochette and papillon with an unconventional touch, almost impertinent.

The inspiration of the two cousins of Illogico is a way to report in vogue the world-famous quality of the Italian tailoring tradition, with all the accessories present in the treasure left to them by the grandfather in the abandoned trunk in the attic: ties, pochette and papillon that still conserve the refined quality, without sacrificing the modernity.

The boost to the sartorial evolution brings the two cousins to draw and create pochette and papillon 100% Made in Italy. Careful study of models, use of fabrics and fine materials, details and finishes realized by the hands of experts hands: the reinterpretation of the men accessories guards the art and the craftsmanship of the italian tailors, to whom the two designers add a touch of vivacity, making the accessories a real and proper objects of design

Pochette and Papillon still remain accessories indispensable in the men dress code that requires smoking and frac but, with Illogico, they leave the closed area of the special events to conquer new ways to be weare even during everyday life. The historical accessories of the mens fashion are created to emphasize any style: casual, eccentric, bohémien, vintage, romantic…

Without considering that the accessories for men created by Illogico have already conquired the sphere of the womanhood: the collections unisex are now part of the wardrobe of whimsical and daring women who love to give a touch of glamour to their outfit.

Discover now all the accessories Made in Italy that Illogico has reinvented for the ones that want to distinguish themselves with irony, with always with a style unique and incomparable!